Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Steffanie's Home Tour

Hi! My name is Steffanie. I have had a slew of furniture retail jobs (RC Willey, Pottery Barn, DownEast Home, Four Chairs Furniture just to name a few!) and decorating has become a passion of mine (to much dismay from my husband). I also love any excuse to throw a party even if its for someone else! I just had a son in July and he is now officially my favorite person. I will probably overwhelm my posts with him, but hey, he kind of has to follow me everywhere I go and he's adorable so you probably won't get sick of him. Probably.

To start off I thought it would only be appropriate to do a home tour! Hopefully, eventually, we can all do one! Now, I use this term a little loosely because you are not getting a complete tour, rather; my favorite places and moments in my home. I mean, you've seen those gorgeous homes on blogs  and everything is sparkly and perfect and clean? I'm pretty sure they have piles of clutter in closets just like me, right? Well, like I said; I'm just sharing my favorite parts with you today hence, the lack of closet pictures... This is my Christmas home tour, maybe I'll do another in the spring? 

This is possibly my favorite spot in my home. It's the first official decorating I did when we moved in and it rarely changes (unlike the rest of my house). I've admitted this before but I have an addiction to pretty dishes and stemware. I went thru a phase where I made "mocktails" for every occasion. We still whip them out every now and then but for the most part they just make my cabinet look complete. 

Okay, I might have lied. This is DEFINITELY my favorite spot in our home. Can you tell why? Every morning when this kid wakes up he has the biggest smile for me! I have to give credit where it's due in this room. My sister made that banner for my shower and I loved it so much I threw my other plans for that wall out the window and put it there. It's not heavy like the other things I was considering so I feel pretty comfortable with it there. That lamp? It was a vase in it's former life. Me and my husband spent about an hour (I'm not kidding) taking turns drilling through the 1 inch thick glass on the bottom so we could put the cord through. Totally worth it!

Here's more of the nursery. I spent so many nights asleep in that chair. I'm so glad my husband wanted to get a new bigger rocker than the burnt orange 70's one from my grandma. I was going to reupholster it I swear! My mom sewed my crib skirt, pillow sham and that awesome quilt tucked behind the pillow. I'm not sure where I get my lazy genes from because it's definitely not from her!

This dresser was my grandmothers and my awesome neighbor Sara and her husband painted it yellow for me! I love how much of a bright statement it is in the room. The framed art is some word art I made of a song that is near to my heart when it comes to my little one. Also, I am fully aware that my sons name is Dr. Ew. My 7 year old niece pointed that out to me.

See these adorable sheep? My twin sister-in-laws painted them for the nursery! I love love love them! It will be so cool to tell D that his aunts made those for him. 

This is kind of an awkward picture, sorry. My sister (who has a much more structured and symmetrical  mind than myself) helped me get over my scattered ideas to make this wall make more sense. I plan on repeating this pattern with similar frames and mirrors going up the rest of my stairs.

Here we go! Christmas! This is my front living room. For some reason almost all of my holiday decor always ends up in this room. I'm really not very good at spreading the cheer around the house. I'll work on that… This year I went with a traditional Christmas theme (yes, every year I do a new theme, next year? I'm revisiting Candy Land). It was inspired from a berry wreath I bought after Christmas last year. Oops! I forgot to take a picture of it before I took it down. Sorry folks. The berry garland on the mantel is basically the same thing. I made the hydrangea wreath and the little felt trees inspired by some decor I saw at one of my favorite local furniture/decor store. Can I tell you the best part about this room? It's my tree!

When me and the hubby brought home our douglas fir I started sneezing and my throat closed up and I was just miserable! We took it back outside (I'm ashamed to say it hung out on the porch for a while..), shook the dead needles from it and brought it back in. I tried to put lights on it with the same results. Well, my other awesome neighbor (really, I live in the best neighborhood you guys) Brittany (did you see her AMAZING Christmas decor?), volunteered to come help me set it all up, and she did! It looks amazing and I didn't stop breathing trying to put it up. Ha! Here's more Christmas around the house, I'll shut up for a minute and let you enjoy.

Hubby walked in the door and saw my tripod set up to an empty room and asked me what the heck I was doing. When I told him he said, "you're taking pictures of your crooked frames?" Dang. No one was supposed to know… He was kind enough to fix them for me.

Our dining room table is kind of awesome. When I worked at The Four Chairs they were having a tent sale like on my second day. They were selling this table (it's solid wood and about 120" when all the leaves are in it) for only $200 but it was an ugly honey oak, 80's cabinet kind of look. Well, my husband sanded the whole thing down and we stained it together. I don't think we've ever worked on something like that together before, so I have to brag about it. We're cool. The end.

Well, you know when you've reached the toilet the tour is over. Haha, I just made that up. I hope you enjoyed my tour and continue to enjoy our blog. Farewell!!


  1. Awesome decorations! Your home looks amazing!

  2. Love your house! That first space with the dishes and your yellow dresser are to die for!!!

  3. I seriously need your expertise in my house! I have a hard time getting it all together....Your house looks amazing.

    1. I don't know what you're talking about! I love your house! I meant to tell you yesterday that your gallery wall going up the stairs is so awesome!!